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Phone:  +45 30252460

Email:  lastcenturydesign@gmail.com

About Us

LastCenturyDesign is a family run and owned company which offers new and old design from the 20th and 21st Century. We have become experts of selling and buying since we started in 2003. We recognise good quality and originality when we see it, and we would never sell any kind of copy products.

We are a proud dealer of

• Josef Albers Nesting Tables

• Hester van Eeghen Bags

• Man Ray Chess Sets

• Art Figurines by Parastone

• Mathias Rathje Design / Awaken Furniture

• Helle Britt Pedersen Smykker (jewellery)

Phone:  +45 30252460

Email:  lastcenturydesign@gmail.com


LastCenturyDesign, Denmark

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